Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Learn how to sucessfully start an ecovillage

Not many ecovillage projects remain alive after a few years.
Learn some suggestions to suecessfully start an ecovillage

1. “Visit” ecovillages through well-produced media. I advise anyone who wants to start an ecovillage to visit successful ecovillages to find out what they look like and feel like.
2. Show the rewards of ecovillage life. I want course participants to know why we create ecovillages: that it’s not only good for the Earth but feels good too!
3. Draw from real-life stories of people who created successful ecovillages. Course participants need to know what ecovillage founders actually do to get their projects up and running.
4. Give ‘em a taste — of ecovillage design. The best way to learn something, I believe, is to apply what you’ve learned soon after learning it by teaching it to others. So I ask course participants to meet periodically in small groups to design an ecovillage they envision, and present it to the rest of the group at the end of the course.
5. Give ‘em a taste — of small-scale ecovillage economics. Another exercise is for participants to study alternative currency systems used in various ecovillages (like Findhorn’s EKOS or Dancing Rabbit’s ELMS, for example) and then design and create an alternative currency scrip out of construction paper to exchange among themselves for small goods and services.

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